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FX Trading Corporation

Fx Trading Corporation is a NEW company, but it has a very experienced team coordinating the business. The yield is great, and the withdrawals are instantaneous for your Bitcoins portfolio. Your system is well built and fast - everything is automated and works smoothly, including payments. The time to enter the company is NOW and reinvest the income in the coming months. In between while most people still do not know the company and harvest the fruits there ahead, with tranquility. Join our team and get full support for the growth of your network and your investment!

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The time to invest is NOW - do not let this opportunity pass. Few companies have the seriousness of FxTradingCorp. An investment opportunity that neither is RARE.

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Fx Trading Corporation (fxtradingcorp.com) is a South Korean company of the Forex branch that, recently (15 days of the publication of this analysis), was opened to the market and launched a multilevel marketing program with payments in Bitcoin. Although South Korean, the person responsible for its expansion program is Brazilian, and is called Philip Han.

The company has several investment options, and you can invest any multiple of $ 100 you want (for example, you can invest 100, 200, 1,000, 10,000 and so on); the yield is set at 2,5% per day, from Monday to Friday. This gives a total yield of 500% per year, considering 200 working days. This means that the capital invested, at the end of a cycle (12 months), is multiplied by 04 (since, of these 500%, 100% corresponds to the return of the initial capital). The company definitely does not leave anything to be desired when it comes to investor feedback!

As for the bonuses - Fx Trading Corporation offers 03 bonus types: bonus of indication (06% on the invested by direct subscribers), residual bonus (02% on the profit of all its network, being the scope of this residual dependent on its binary punctuation) and binary bonuses (10% on the lower leg, regardless of their invested amount). The binary bonus is especially interesting as it gives you the opportunity to earn 10% of torque even without having a big investment of your own.


Contact us by WhatsApp to join our group or ask questions about the company! +55(24) 999939617


When we analyze the security of an online investment program, there are many factors that we take into account. However, the main ones are as follows: time of activity of the company, people working with the company and analysis of the virtual presence of the brand.

In relation to the activity time of the business, it is simple: the younger the company, the more advantageous the investment. We know that on the internet, it is not uncommon for companies to last long - so investing in business right from the start is already a factor that greatly lowers investor risk. And in this issue the Fx Trading Corporation note is maximum, as it is only 15 days old at the time of publication of this article.

As for the people who are working with the company: the more serious people work in a business, the greater the chance that this business will succeed. This is obvious. And in this regard we also look closely at Fx Trading Corporation, as many business leaders who have succeeded in the past are working their networks in this new company. This is a great sign that the business will be a success.

And as for the virtual presence of the company: this presence proving strong, growing in a sustainable way, is a strong signal that the business is working. How do you analyze this? Looking at the number of videos appearing on Youtube, the WhatsApp group move, and the number of searches by the company on Google. Below, we have the strength of Fx Trading Corporation in the online search - clearly has gained strength, and has no sign that it will stop so soon. That means security for the investment.

Lastly, considering that in just 02 months the investor is able to recover all his investment, we consider that it is a unique opportunity to make money. The risk is simply very low, at least at the present time. The time to invest is as soon as possible.